From: Holland International Living Center
Date: September 22, 2020
Subject: HILC Weekly Newsletter 9.22



Tuesday, September 22, 2020
The HILC Weekly Newsletter will continue posting the best events hosted by or related to the Holland International Living Center!


  1. RA Office Hours
  2. Learn more about Cornell in Washington
  3. Body Postiive Cornell Groups
  4. HILC Culture Night Interest Form

Important Announcements 🔈

  • ​​​​​Reminder about personal items in bathrooms/kitchens: As a reminder, please don't leave personal items in the shower/bathtub/on the counter by the sink in the bathroom in your suite. Utilizie the cubbies by the door if you need to hang things, so that the Building Care staff are able to properly and efficiently santiize the showers without having to move your items. This also goes for the kitchen! Please keep personal items on the shelves, not on the counters if at all possible. Help us help you!
  • Wipes aren't flushable! There have been some recent concerns around drain blockages. Please remember that while we encourage the use of wipes and other forms of cleaning the surfaces you've used, these items shouldn't be flushed down the toilet. Even if the package says so, please dispose of wipes in the trash cans.
  • If you haven't yet, please join the HILC GroupMe: If you haven't yet been able to, please join the 2020-21 HILC GroupMe. This will be the easiest way to share future HILC events, find the answers to questions, and get in contact with other HILC residents! Even if you don't have a mobile device able to access GroupMe, you can also use your web browser.

RA Office Hours

We hope some of you had a great time interacting with our RAs Janina and Isaac during office hours over this past week. Please continue to keep an eye out for emails from our RAs moving forward with the semester about ways to connect! Office hours are a great opportunity to get to know your RA, drop in and ask questions, problem-solve together, or just hang out.

Cornell in Washington Virtual Events -- please visit Campus Groups link to find additional event information for virtual office hours and virtual Q&A sessions

Learn More about Cornell in Washington!


Cornell in Washington provides world-class academic courses and internship opportunities and a recently expanded community engagement component.  Students take twelve or more credits in Cornell classes and complete a half-time internship during the fall or spring semester. They have a world of internship opportunities to choose from in non-profit, private sector and government organizations and they receive extensive support in landing an internship aligned with their academic or career interests.  While in DC, CIW students also have the opportunity to engage in DC’s rich cultural, political, civic and service opportunities to enhance their experiential learning. 


Above are the dates of their upcoming virtual office hours and virtual Q&A sessions. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please email the Student Services Associate, Michelle Melanson, at


You can also follow Cornell in Washington on CampusGroups!


Body Positive Cornell Groups

Body Positive Cornell (BPC) groups are open for enrollment for Fall 2020! 

Through learning and discussion, group members challenge norms and expectations regarding health and appearance, learn about evidence-based approaches to health, practice intuitive self-care, and cultivate greater body appreciation and general well-being. 

Groups are led by trained peer facilitators and meet weekly for about an hour. Students can choose between General Student Body, Women of Color, Varsity Athletics, or Panhel groups. This semester, all groups will meet virtually. 

To meet the facilitators for 2020-2021, check us out on Instagram (@bodypositivecornell). 

For more information or to enroll as a participant, visit the Cornell Health website.

Please sign up by Sept 28th (or Sept 26th for Varsity Athletics group). 

HILC Culture Night Interest Form

Culture Night events have a history in HILC, and we want to continue the amazing tradition. We would love for people to come and share more about their culture/country/background with the HILC community! You don't have to be international in order to host a culture night, as long as you have something you're interested in sharing we would love to work with you.

Culture Night events will take place virtually, on a Friday evening (though exact time is variable based on the availability of presenters). Our staff can advise you in creating a short presentation with whatever information you'd like to share about your culture--whether that be language, customs, history, food, fashion, or more.

Please share your thoughts if you'd like to host a Culture Night and our staff will be in touch to help coordinate!

NOTE: By signing up on this interest form, you are not fully committing to hosting just yet. You can always decide to wait/not host after filling out the form, if you prefer.


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