Date: February 19, 2020
Subject: HILC Weekly Newsletter 2.19


The Weekly Newsletter

Happy February, everyone! This semester, the HILC Weekly Newsletter will continue posting the best events hosted by or related to the Holland International Living Center!

Please also enjoy our amazing new HILC Logo!! Keep an eye out for opportunities soon to obtain merch featuring our new student-designed logo.

If you have questions or concerns about anything, please contact


  • Baking Club every Saturday
  • HILC Hall Council Meeting
  • Fire Inspections THIS WEDNESDAY!
  • HILC February Study Break
  • Hall Council's Around the World Interest Form
  • FREE Tickets for Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

HILC Baking Club!

Saturday, February 22nd

One of our awesome residents, Gloria Dawodu in Unit 3, is hosting a HILC Baking Club. Come bake together on Saturdays at 4:00pm. Interested students are welcome to meet in the Main Lounge on the 2nd floor, and use the HILC kitchen to bake the delicious things you make.

If you'd like to suggest ideas for baking, please fill out this quick survey.

HILC Hall Council Meeting

Sunday, February 23rd
  • HILC will host its weekly Hall Council meetings this semester every Sunday at 8:00pm in the Main Lounge.
  • Come and meet your Executive Board, hear about upcoming events and initiatives in HILC, and have your voice heard

Fire Inspections THIS WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday, February 26th

A Campus Life Facilities staff member and Hall Professional (Residence Hall Director) will be joining the inspector to inspect student rooms and common areas. Below is a general (but not all inclusive) list of what we will be looking for:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Storage too close to: Nothing can be closer than 18 inches to a sprinkler head or smoke detector.
  • Things hanging on pipes
  • Furniture re-arranged in a manner that compromises functioning of the sprinkler system
  • The improper storage of combustible items (paints, charcoal, etc.) - Storing flammable liquids or gases is not permitted in the residence halls.
  • Objects hanging from the ceiling - Objects may not be 18 inches or closer to the ceiling or to any fire safety device.
  • Extension cords and multi-plug adaptors (power strips are fine)
  • Power strips plugged into extension cords (piggy backing cords into cords is not permitted).
  • Blocked /wedged open doors - They have to be able to freely close in case of fire.
  • Microwaves: Due to wattage requirements, microwave ovens other than those rented by Cornell's approved vendor (Micro-fridge) may not be used in student bedrooms.
  • Items on outside of student doors - Every door is allowed to have equivalent to 1 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper per per occupant per door and 1 - 10x14 dry erase board.
  • "Spider Lamps" - These have caused a lot of fires in residence halls, and they are not permitted in Cornell residences.
  • Candles- Candles and incense are not permitted for use or display.
  • Tapestries/flags which are not fireproof treated (can be fireproof treated at places such as Cornell Laundry)
  • Covered or tampered with smoke detectors
  • Unsafe levels of clutter, storage, debris or recycling (clean your room J)
  • Use of personal curtains/drapes/tapestries are not permitted (code-mandated fire retardant requirement)
  • Fabric or clothing draped over light fixtures

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email. If you are unsure if something is allowed – send me a picture and I can confirm.

HILC Finals Study Break

Saturday, February 29th
  • In the HILC Main Lounge
  • Come take a break from studying and enjoy stress relief with crafts (painting, coloring), snacks, and tea/hot chocolate!

"Around the World" Interest Form

HILC’s Hall Council is planning an amazing event called Around the World, and they want your help in sharing your culture or a culture you love!


Are you interested in sharing your culture with HILC residents? HILC’s Hall Council is organizing Around the World, which will take place in mid-March (date/time TBA). Each lounge in the building will be a "booth" for one continent, and will have food, music, games, and activities from various countries and cultures from that continent. If you’re interested in participating, fill out this interest form! Please note that by filling out this interest form, you won't be committing to anything at the moment - this is just to get a general idea of who's interested. Thank you!

FREE Tickets for Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Thursday, February 27th

We have several free tickets to offer to HILC students for next Thursday (2/27) at 8:00pm to see the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center at Bailey Hall!!

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is known for setting the benchmark for chamber music worldwide through its inspired programming and the extraordinary quality of its performances.

HILC Faculty Fellows Pete Loucks (Emeritus Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Thúy Tranviet (Senior Lecturer of the Vietnamese language program) will be providing tickets to interested students. One or both faculty members will meet students in front of Bailey Hall at 7:45pm. Please email by Tuesday, 2/25, at 3:00pm to reserve a ticket!

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HILC Baking Club

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