From: Holland International Living Center
Date: September 15, 2020
Subject: HILC Weekly Newsletter 9.15



Tuesday, September 15, 2020
The HILC Weekly Newsletter will continue posting the best events hosted by or related to the Holland International Living Center!


  1. RA Office Hours
  2. How can our faculty fellows support you?
  3. HILC Culture Night Interest Form

Important Announcements 🔈

  • We have new RAs in HILC! Welcome to RAs Srishti Tyagi (Unit 2) and Thomas Lovett (Unit 4). Residents of Unit 2 and 4 should expect to hear from their new RAs soon, and we hope they both have a wonderful time here with everyone.
  • Virtual Game Night was a success! Thanks to everyone who showed up to the virtual game night this past Thursday with RAs Janina and Isaac--it was tons of fun and we hope you'll join us for future events.
  • Having COVID-like symptoms? Make sure to contact Cornell Health as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Cornell's COVID surveillance testing is designed for people without COVID symptoms, but if you're experiencing symptoms, make sure to talk to Cornell Health right away. And as always, continue to practice good hygiene!
  • Reminder about personal items in bathrooms: As a reminder, please don't leave personal items in the shower/bathtub in your suite. Utilizie the cubbies by the door if you need to hang things, so that the Building Care staff are able to properly and efficiently santiize the showers without having to move your items. Help us help you!

RA Office Hours

Our amazing Unit 1 and Unit 3 RAs will be holding office hours this week! Please use these as an opportunity to get to know your RA, drop in and ask questions, problem-solve together, or just hang out.

Janina Fosu (Unit 3 RA) will have her office hours this Saturday, September 19th, from 5-6:30pm in her room (8306). Please note that only one student can enter in-person office hours at a time due to maximum occupancy limits for single rooms.

Isaac McCurdy (Unit 1 RA) is planning to have his office hours this Thursday morning, September 17th. Please keep an eye out for an email from him with further details.

How can our Faculty Fellows help you?

The Holland International Living Center has four amazing faculty fellows, many of whom have volunteered with our building for decades! These faculty members from across campus are excited to get to know you, attend and host events with you, and help connect you across campus.

With events being virtual (until at least the end of September) our faculty fellows would love to hear from you--how can they as faculty support you in thriving as Cornell students? What would you like to learn from them, or how they can they add to your experience?

Please fill out this survey by this Friday, September 18th at 5:00pm to let us know how the faculty fellows can support you!


HILC Culture Night Interest Form

Culture Night events have a history in HILC, and we want to continue the amazing tradition. We would love for people to come and share more about their culture/country/background with the HILC community! You don't have to be international in order to host a culture night, as long as you have something you're interested in sharing we would love to work with you.

Culture Night events will take place virtually, on a Friday evening (though exact time is variable based on the availability of presenters). Our staff can advise you in creating a short presentation with whatever information you'd like to share about your culture--whether that be language, customs, history, food, fashion, or more.

Please share your thoughts if you'd like to host a Culture Night and our staff will be in touch to help coordinate!

NOTE: By signing up on this interest form, you are not fully committing to hosting just yet. You can always decide to wait/not host after filling out the form, if you prefer.


HILC Culture Nights

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How can our faculty fellows help you?

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