From: Club Sports Council
Date: August 22, 2022
Subject: Important Fall Updates

Dear First_Name,

Welcome back for the Fall 2022 semester! Club Sports Council is super excited to be working with club sports organizations in the fall as a byline-funded organization created by and deisgned for club sports members! 

As we begin a new academic year, it is important that club officers re-register their organizations on CampusGroups. For an officer to re-register an organization, go to "My Groups" on CampusGroups and there will be a blue button that prompts you to complete the re-registration process. Make sure your organizations are re-registered in order to apply for funding, attend ClubFest, reserve space on campus, etc!

Finance Guidelines and Budgets

I know many of you are still anxious to learn about your club's financial situation going into this semester. When the budgets are finalized, club officers will be able to find their budget on CampusGroups. Executive officers of club sports organizations will receive an email regarding their budget tier and next steps to take to acquire funding this week. Unfortunately, due to decreases in funding to club sports, all groups will be receiving a decrease in their budget compared to last year. Requests to move budget tiers will not be accepted at this time. 

Regarding financial guidelines and expectations that will be in place for club sports, a copy of our guidelines will be posted to our CampusGroups Resources page within the next day. We encourage all club officers to look over them and refer to them as we start to accept funding applications. 

Space Reservation

Club leaders should read this Reservation Procedure for reserving space for practices, games and other meetings on campus. Please refer to this year's rules and responsibilities prior to attempting to request a space. A list of some of the available facilities and times can be found here when your club is ready to request space. 

Club SportsFest

Club SportsFest is a go in the Willard Straight lobby on August 24th from 1:30 to 4pm. This time can be used for approved organizations to set up a table in order to recruit members prior to ClubFest, if their organization begins or holds tryouts significantly before ClubFest on September 11th. Organizations that have requested a table will be sent a confirmation this evening regarding their attendance. No other requests will be accepted at this time, but all club sports organizations are still encouraged to request and set up a table at ClubFest on September 11th. 

Safety Trainings

All club sports must send two club officers to represent their organization at a safety training that are being held by Club Sports Council. These safety trainings will be held in Phillips 101 at the following dates and times: Club sports organizations are responsible for ensuring that they satisfy the attendance requirements of the safety trainings and that each of their members signs the safety waiver on CampusGroups. An individual can represent multiple organizations at the safety trainings if they are an officer for multiple club sports.