From: Risley Residential College
Date: October 14, 2022
Subject: Risley Newsletter

Risley Newsletter

Risley Specific Events/News

RMASD this weekend at 7:00pm in the CLR!

T-Sub this weekend at 8:00pm in the theater!

Kommittee  this weekend at 9:00pm in the CLR!

Reminder: Please clean up after yourself when using common spaces. Be considerate of others. We all get in a hurry, but please clean up your own messes. It’s important for each member of the community to be respectful and play their part in keeping our shared spaces clean and comfortable to be in.


Want to create a design for all your fellow Risleyites to wear? Submit your t-shirt designs here for this year's free Risley t-shirt.
Submissions are due by 5:00pm TODAY!

Designs will be voted on.


Need a Halloween costume? Don't worry. Stop by Cowcliffs at 3pm on Saturday, October 22nd to meet with other fellow costume-admirers, take a trip to Spirit Halloween and Micheals, have snacks upon returning accompanied by a fashion show/make your own costume session.


Come down and carve a pumpkin, Wednesday, October 26th at 8pm, in honor of the spooky season. We will be supplying pumpkins, carving tools, and some information about Halloween adjacent festivities and waste management. All you have to do is come down, carve the best pumpkin, and have a good time. The pumpkins will then be set out on display throughout the rest of the week for RisDining guests to vote on. The winner(s) will receive a prize; you won't want to miss it!

Faculty Fellow News

Fashion Talks dinner with Denise Green every Monday at 6:00pm.
Fantasy Science Fiction dinner with Tom Hill every Thursday at 5:30pm.

Campus News

Interested in being an RA? Attend an Information Session!

October 17th – Nicole Wendel-Crowe & Lauren Feldman, 1pm Kay Red Lounge

October 18th – Jess Burley & Lauren Hamre, 5pm Mews 1 West

October 25th – Jennifer Ivison & Adriana Lima, 5pm in LLC Lounge

October 27th – Kristi Shorter & Jennifer Ivison, 5pm Zoom (

October 28th – Jacob Johnson & Jeremy Zhao, 10am Townhouse Community Center

November 1st – Monti Wilkins & Josh Anderson, 10am Toni Morrison MPR

November 3rd – Cliff-Simon Vital & Kaity Benson, 8pm Zoom (

Applications are now LIVE!


TCAT Bus Route Changes- Service on several TCAT routes, including 10, 30, 81, and 83, is being reduced or eliminated due to a bus shortage. Service updates and alerts can be found at TCAT recommends passengers download one of the real-time transit apps to view real-time vehicle locations and search for a stop, either by name or stop number. They apologize for the service interruptions and are working to get buses in service as quickly as possible.