Scholarships and Fellowships

Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

Being a member of the Cornell Chapter of Tau Beta Pi makes undergraduates eligible to apply for a Tau Beta Pi Scholarship, a merit scholarship of up to $2,000 that recognizes excellence in academics, leadership, and service.

For more information, see the TBP website.

Tau Beta Pi Fellowship

For Tau Beta Pi members going to graduate school, the organization also offers a Fellowship for $10,000 to applicants that show promise of strong academics, leadership, and service throughout graduate school.

For more information, see the TBP website.

Networking Opportunities

Tau Beta Pi members get unique networking opportunities and career fairs for companies of all industries.

See more on the TBP website.


Being a member of Tau Beta Pi means you have access to special discounts from Dell, Geico, Kaplan, and more.

See details on the TBP website.