Welcome to Risley Theater!

An Introduction

As the Residence Hall for the Performing and Creative Arts, Theatre is a big part of Risley. Not only does Risley have a dedicated 81 seat black-box theater, there is also a sub-committee that manages theater within Risley.

FUN FACT: Theatre refers to the art, while theater refers to the space!


T-Sub stands for theater sub-committee and refers to the group the student that manages the theater. T-Sub is one of Risley's Hall sub-councils, that manages all aspects of Risley Theatre.

Whether you are interested in volunteering the theatre upkeep, putting on a production, or simply learning more you should join us at our weekly meetings.

T-Sub meets every Sunday that Kommittee meets (so every Sunday if there is class the next day, Monday) at 8:00pm on Zoom (currently, and in Risley's Central Living Room, otherwise, when in person).

Become a Member!
  • Join us at 8:00pm on Sundays
  • Get the link in the Risley CampusGroups Events or visit our Events tab!
COVID-19 Disclosure

Due to the pandemic, all T-Sub and Risley Theatre operations are currently happening virtually. In order to comply with COVID19 friendly behaviors, the blackbox theatre space cannot be reserved for productions at this time.

Join us Sundays at 8:00pm for more updates.