A RMASD Welcome

A History Lesson

The Risley Ministry for Arts and Shops Development (RMASD) is a subcommittee of Risley's Kommittee and was initially created in the Spring of 2017 by past RA and SRA Madelyn Lin (mxl5) when Risley assessed a need for closer management of the Risley Shops. Taking full form in the Fall of 2017, RMASD began selecting shop managers and reworking the spaces. Since then, it has undergone a name change from its first title, gotten its own yearly budget to manage, and expanded the infrastructure of the shops.

Initially named A-sub, we changed our name in the Fall of 2018 to the Risley Ministry for Arts and Shops Development in an effort to make more clear to University the difference between Kommittee and RMASD for the purposes of receiving funding from the SAFC. Since then, we have changed our funding source and now receive an annual budget from Risley Hall.