The Black Box Theater

The Risley Theatre is an 81 seat black-box theatre located inside Risley Hall on North Campus at Cornell!

The theater is both used for many productions throughout the year, whether it be comedy events, plays, musicals, workshops, etc...

Using the Space

The space is available to be rented at the beginning of the semester for productions, along with theatre equipment, or, one can partner with Risley Theatre in a T-Sub sponsored production.

Learn More » COVID-19 Disclosure: Due to University guidelines, the space is not currently available to rent.

Technical Aspects

The theater space includes 81 seats, a back-stage space, side-stage entrances, a green room, a technical booth, and a box office just outside of the theater entrance. Additionally, the theatre has a fully equipped lighting set-up (including LED's and Programable moving lights), sound mixing and audio equipment, and more!

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Associated Workshops

The theatre controls three shops inside Risley Hall, a costume shop (in the basement next to pottery shop) and set/scene shop (in sub-basement). Costumes, sets, and props owned by Risley Theatre are stored in these shops, in the Risley sub-basement, and are available for free use by in-house productions or for rent by out-of-house productions.

Costumes and Props

The costume shop is filled to the brim with costumes one could use in a production, same goes with the prop shop for props!


Finally, the set shop has a plethora of wood, constructed pieces, and shop tools to put together sets!

Fun Fact!

Risley also has a theatre office, which is in the process of being used more! If you have any cool ideas for theatre uses of this space, please let us know.