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T-Sub is the group that runs the Risley Theater. Below is a list of the Executive Board members who run T-Sub. For inquiries, please contact the General Manager, Secretary, or refer to our social media pages.

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Aidan McNay (acm289) - '24

General Manager

James Tallman (jft72) - '23

Technical Director

Stacie Dressel (aed235) - '24

Financial Manager

Isabella de Castro (iad29) - '21

General Manager

Set/Prop Shop Manager

Samantha Noland (sln63) - '21

General Manager

Emma Kindig (erk82) - '22

General Manager

Set/Prop/Costume Shop Manager

Melanie Goricanec (mlg284) - '23

Publicity Manager

Bianca Santos-Declet (bas383) - '23