The History of Risley Theatre


Risley Hall room B12 wasn't always a theater. It started out as a ballroom from when the building was an all women's dorm. In 1974 a collection of Risley residents decided they'd rather have a theater than a ballroom, so, in true Risley fashion, they took it upon themselves to make their vision a reality and Risley Theatre was born.

The theater found its footing and became an accessible place for students on campus to perform their passion.  As time went on, more infrastructure was slowly added, and the space continually improved.

Fast forward to around 2012, a Risleyite and his father built the permanent seating over spring break in the theater that still there today. While this was a surprise to the University, it had technically been built by licensed carpenters, so it was allowed to stay.

Past Shows

Past shows of Risley Theatre include:

Radium Girls (Cog Dog Theater Troupe)
and many more...