Risley Programs

Current Events are listed under All Things Risley!

**All programs are temporarily virtual due to COVID-19**

Weekly Programs

Risley has many social events that happen every single week (while classes are in session). All programs are completely student-run, and funded by our Hall Council, Kommittee. No matter your interests, there’s something for you! If you disagree, email our Kommittee Volunteers or show up to Kommittee on Sundays at 9:00pm in the Central Living Room and you can propose your own program idea!

Lost Coffee

Mondays 10:00p - 11:00p, Somewhere in Risley

Where’s the coffee? Check your email to get hints, and be rewarded with coffee, tea, teatime snacks, and fun social time when you figure it out!

Eat This!

Wednesdays, CowCliffes

This Risley tradition goes a little like this: get money from Kommittee to buy food (max $50). Prepare the food. Share the food! Sign up and you’ll be granted money to spend at Wegman’s to cook your favorite delicacy.

Found Coffee

Thursdays 7:30p, Tammany Lounge

Relax and socialize while ordering free fancy coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!


Saturdays 11:00a, CowCliffes

Drag yourself out of bed on Saturday and come down to breakfast served by fellow Risleyites! Like Eat This!, except breakfast.

Portcullis Morii (Goth Night)

Saturdays 8:00 - 9:30p, Tammany Lounge

This event was created to bring together the alternative and darkly inclined people of Risley in a free, convenient, and safe place. It features the playing and sharing of various types of Goth music as well as friendly conversation about music, fashion, books, and more! It is open to Goths and respectful non-Goths alike. Dressing up is encouraged, but not required. Also, there are milkshakes!

Scare Me!

Saturdays 10:00p, Central Living Room (unless stated otherwise)

Gather around and tell scary stories! There’s also candy!


Saturdays 11:00p – Sunday 1:00a, TV Room

Karaoke Night is a longstanding Risley Tradition involving Risleyites chilling in the TV Room and taking turns singing along to their favorite songs! Anything from Hatsune Miku to Billy Joel to The Song of the Dragonborn! If you like it, you can sing it! Sing to your heart’s content without judgment! Bad singing encouraged, but not required.

Major Programs

Risley hosts several triple digit attendance programs each year! All are led by student volunteers. Anyone is welcome to volunteer. Productions usually operate on a $500 budget with 40 hours of volunteer time. If interested, email our Kommittee Volunteers or show up to Kommittee on Sundays at 9:00pm in the Central Living Room!

Masquerave (October)

Like a Halloween party, but rave style. The week before Halloween, Risley’s common areas are transformed into themed rooms, and we hold a dance party in the Great Hall.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (November)

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure (and one of Risley’s longest-standing traditions) by coming to Risley’s very own shadow-cast production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Try out for a part, work crew, or just come watch the spectacle...either way, get some fishnets to prepare. Don’t dream it. Be it.

Handel’s “Messiah” (December)

Take a break from studying right before finals and come sing or play in Risley’s open reading of Handel’s “Messiah.” This is a nice wholesome event for the whole Cornell community!

VD Ball (February)

Put on your finest and come down to this fun, in-house formal. There will be music, dancing, refreshments, and safe-sex themed decorations and party favors.

Murder Mystery (March)

Murder Mystery (M&M) is an immersive theater experience that requires an audience’s help to solve a themed murder. Jason S. and Melanie G. began this Risley tradition in Spring 2020 and are excited to see how the production evolves as it becomes an integral part of the communities’ traditions.

A Wizard’s Feast (April)

For one night a year, Risley admits to actually being Hogwarts. A fantastically popular event (with both Cornell students and the Ithaca community), we recreate the Great Hall of Hogwarts in our dining hall. We then magically transform the Front Hall and common areas into Hogwarts or Ministry of Magic themed rooms and populate them with Risleyites dressed up as characters from the books. Also, we bring in live owls from the Raptor Program.

Bye-Bye Barbeque (May)

This is Risley’s way of saying goodbye to our seniors and to the semester and academic year, complete with superlatives (Risperlatives). What better way to celebrate than food and fun?