Risley's 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Since its inception as a program house in 1970, Risley Residential College has been home to residents from all walks of life, connecting them together in a space that promotes expression, inclusivity, community, and of course, the creative and performing arts. Although in an unconventional manner, our current Risley residents are incredibly excited to program with and create new intergenerational ties with RisAlums, beginning with this exciting week commemorating the community that has been built in these Castle walls over the past 50 years!

March 21st - 27th, 2021

Risley Memories

Take a moment to scroll through some of the great things that Risleyites past and present have had to say about the Risley Hall community! Follow the link to our Instagram page below to see even more memories!

Jason, c/o '24

Laura, c/o '80

Benjy, c/o '92

Tamara, c/o '80

Katie, c/o '14

Samantha, c/o '21

Connect with us!

We want to make sure we can continue to build connections between our current Risleyites and RisAlums, so make sure to connect with us through our social media pages and Risley Slack so we can plan more events like this in the future!