What is a Resident Advisor (RA)?

Ecology House has four Resident Advisors or RAs that live within our halls. RAs are full time students just like you!  However, in addition to classes they work with residents to create community, provide support and share resources to help students navigate living in a residence hall, the university and their college experience overall.

RAs work directly with the Residence Hall Director and the Fellows to host a number of programs to develop and support the growth of healthily, safe, and engaging communities.

Alexandra Jackson

CALS, Animal Science Major, (she/her)

Alexandra Jackson is a Senior in CALS studying Animal Science with a Pre-Veterinary concentration. She loves to read, and is an avid Harry Potter lover, and a tea fanatic. Here on campus she loves to take care ofher betta fish Godric and many plants. Alexandra plays French Horn and is a part of many Cornell groups including: Symphony groups, the Global Tea Club, Mixed, Pre-Veterinary Society, and more! As a fun fact, Alex was born in England and will often bake traditional English deserts for fun.

Tiernan Weeden

Human Ecology, Human Development, (he/him)

Tiernan Weeden is a Junior in the College of Human Ecology studying Human Development. He enjoys reading horribly large novels, collecting comic books, writing, working out, and listening to music. Tiernan is interested in community psychology, Russian literature, and community service. Little fun fact: Tiernan is a fan of rap.

Izzy Prager

CALS, Animal Science Major, (she/her)

Izzy Prager is a sophomore in CALS, majoring in Animal Science with a double minor in Infectious Disease and Global and Public Health Sciences. She loves to hike, camp, read, and play the guitar and cello. On campus, she can be found spending most of her BRBs at the Mann Library cafe, and is a part of the Army ROTC program. She also has had many pet chickens and loves green grapes!

Clara Mollerus

CALS, Animal Science, (she/her)

Clara Mollerus is a sophomore in CALS studying animal science on the pre-med track. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and trying new coffee shops. She is a member of the Women's Polo team, Bee club, and Pre-Veterinary society. As a fun fact, she speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Adiitsai Nelson

CALS, Environment & Sustainability Major, (he/him)

Adiitsai Nelson is a sophomore studying Environment and Sustainability with a minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Adiitsai likes to cross stitch, embroider, draw and play video games. As a fun fact: Adiitsai used to play soccer for 14 years. Adiitsai is an Akwe:Kon RA!