The Language House is part of Alice Cook House, which comprises 7 buildings: Cook Main, North Baker, Baker Tower, Boldt Tower, and Boldt Hall. Language House residents have access to all 5 Alice Cook House buildings.

House Office

The hub of all things in the House, the House Office is one's first stop for assistance. Much more than a place to pick up one's mail and send out-going mail, the House Office is where one can find out about what events are happening in the House and how to sign up. The Office Assistants can also help out with lock-outs, loaning games, kitchenware, DVDs, and troubleshoot any facilities issues that might come up.

Don't be shy about stopping by to ask questions, and if you are especially friendly, organized, and responsible talk to a current Office Assistant about how you can apply to work in the office too.

Regular Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9 AM - 8 PM, Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM, Sunday 5 PM - 7 PM

Mail: Monday through Saturday

Lockouts: During House Office hours, come to the House Office window for assistance with lock outs. After hours call the Cook GRF on-call at 607-327-1351.

Maintenance Requests: Place an online maintenance request for anything that needs fixing.

Job Opportunities: Working in the House Office is a great way to connect with the community. If you are looking to work for a few hours each week reach out to the professional staff person ( in the House Office for an application.

Where can I find...?

Laundry: Baker Tower D Door, Boldt Hall ground floor east side, Cook Main ground floor.

Study Lounges/Rooms: Baker Tower A & D Doors, North Baker ground floor, Boldt Hall first floor, Cook Main ground floor.

TV Lounges/Rooms: Baker Tower A Door, North Baker ground floor, Boldt Hall ground floor west side, Cook Main ground floor.

Kitchens: Baker Tower A Door, North Baker ground floor, Boldt Hall ground floor, Cook Main floors 3 & 4.

Library: Cook Main ground floor

Computer Lab & Printer: Cook Main ground floor.

Music Practice Room/Piano: Cook Main ground floor.

Seminar Room: Cook Main first floor.

Living Room: Cook Main first floor.

Dining Room: Cook Main first floor.