Funding Information and Resources

For help with payment request contact:


Note for the Tournament/Game Fund:

Tournament/Game Fund applications are now open! See the link below.

Click here for a spreadsheet with useful links (check this before emailing commissioners)

Office Hours

For questions and concerns about budget and payment requests or for assistance with your club's finances, Club Sports Council Finance Commissioners and the Vice President of Finance are holding weekly Finance Officer Hours on Zoom where they can meet with you and address their concerns. Office hours will not be held during study days, finals, and breaks. Office hours will be uploaded shortly.


Commissioners are student advisors this year. Reach out to them fro help submitting payment request or just for general finance advice.

Commissioner emails:

  • Joaquin Casino:
  • Marco Conte:
  • Victoria Varkonyi:
  • Riley Xian:
  • Joe Scavitto:
  • Gavin Chuhak (co-president):

Funding Guides & Support

  • Accessing Gift Accounts and Outside Funding

  • Using Cornell's tax exempt status

    All Club Sports are registered as Independent of Cornell. Independent organizations are not allowed to use Cornell's Tax Exemption ID Number.

  • Participating in Cornell Giving Day

    The Club Sports Council works with the Alumni Affairs & Development office to send out information regarding Giving Day each spring semester. Initial information will go out by end of the fall semester.

  • Adding funds into your group's CampusGroups Accounting Book (fundraisers, tournament fees, etc.)

    If you are receiving checks as payment for a fundraiser or collecting tournament fees, please use the following information. If you are hosting a tournament, it is a best practice to have ALL paying attendees use this address to send their check directly.

    Use this address to send checks to the SOBO Student Organization Business Office to process.


    223 Thurston Ave, Suite 105

    Cornell University

    Ithaca, NY 14850

    They will be deposited into your Accounting Book as Outside Funding.

  • Adding funds into your group's own bank account (fundraisers, tournament fees, etc.)

    If you are looking for funds to be deposited into your organization's bank account from a fundraiser or collecting fees, you would have to provide the vendor (person paying) with your own W9 completed with the organization's EIN. If you don't know your EIN, it would be connected to your bank account when it was set up (unless someone used their own social security number which is not suggested). Unless the organization has not applied to be Tax Exempt (501(c)3 status, Tax Exemption wouldn't apply.