About Club Sports Council

The Club Sports Council is the liaison between club sports teams on campus and the university administration. We work to support finding facilities, oversee funding for club sports, advocate for needs specific to club sports, and overall provide resources for club sports teams while promoting the presence of club sports' teams on campus.

Organizations in Club Sports Council

This is a complete list of organizations within the Club Sports Council and the waivers that correlate with the level of activity for the 23-24 academic year. Right now, the Club Sports Council will not consider any new CSC organizations to move under the umbrella/council.

* = Graduate/professional G/P organizations. G/P organizations follow CSC policies, but seek funding from the GPSAFC.

Club Sports Council Leadership Team

Joaquin Casino Profile

Joaquin Casino

Lex Crist Profile

Lex Crist

Aidan Ainslie Profile

Aidan Ainslie

Augustus To Profile

Augustus To

VP of Operations
Gavin Chuhak Profile

Gavin Chuhak

VP of Finance
Kyle Schillace Profile

Kyle Schillace