Useful Links

Official University Voter Resource

Cornell Votes is proud to have partnered with University Relations to launch the new website. Check it out for voter registration and election information.

Vote by Mail (VBM)

So you're registered to vote and have a plan to cast your ballot. Are you planning to vote absentee? If so, have you requested your absentee ballot yet? Deadlines to request and mail in absentee ballots are set by each state and are quickly approaching. Check out my.VoteEverywhere, The Andrew Goodman Foundation's one-stop-shop for election and voter information, for assistance with requesting your absentee ballot!

First, navigate to my.VoteEverywhere and select the campus you attend or state you live in. Since every state has unique election dates, this will enable you to see the absentee ballot information that applies to you. Under "Important Election Related Dates and Deadlines," you can find out when the "Absentee Ballot Request Deadline" is in your state!

After you check your deadline, you can use my.VoteEverywhere's "Request Absentee Ballot" tool to request a ballot. With this option, if you can't vote in person on Election Day, you'll be able to receive and complete your ballot from home with ease. Just make sure to postmark it by your state's deadline!

Whether you vote on November 8th or earlier with an absentee ballot, the important thing is that you make your voice heard! We can't sit this one out. Take your power to the polls during these Midterm Elections.

Credit to the Andrew Goodman Foundation