Leadership Workshop: University Organization Advisor Budget Review Workshop (in preparation for end of year)

by Campus Activities

Open Training/Workshop Resources Workshop

Tue, Apr 23, 2024

10 AM – 11 AM EDT (GMT-4)

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Advisors—As the semester winds down, please join us to review what you can do to help ensure that your University Student Organization maximizes the funding allocations it has received. Many have deadlines approaching and do not roll over to next year.
In cases where groups are looking to move up the Funding Track, spending a higher percentage of your Primary funding allocation is beneficial and may make the difference.
With the record high volume of transactions already in the system, it is essential to not wait until the last minute to submit any necessary Payment Requests.
During this session, we will show you how to determine how much your organization has left to spend and how to submit Payment Requests efficiently to minimize unnecessary time spent going back and forth.
Facilitator: Johnathan Hart, Finance Manager for Student & Campus Student Organizations

Meeting ID: 963 2247 0052
Passcode: 370619

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