Leadership Workshop: Got the Degree, Grades, Connections? Employers Think Emotional Intelligence is Just as Important- Do You Have It?

by Campus Activities

Open Training/Workshop Awareness Workshop

Tue, Mar 12, 2024

5 PM – 6 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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You worked hard, you know your academic area, you applied it at your internship, and you have had progressive leadership experiences, but when you are ready for that next step, did you know that your emotional intelligence skills can be just as imperative? According to a research study by CareerBuilder, "71% of employers say they value emotional intelligence over IQ." Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) is the ability to be aware, manage, and express your emotions. You approach relationships and work-related interactions in an empathetic manner by being sensitive to others and their experiences. It can help you solve problems in a compassionate manner. And no, this does not mean you are an employee's or co-worker's therapist. Instead, you practice self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. In this workshop, we will look at the work of researchers John Mayer and Peter Salovey who coined emotional intelligence, along with psychologist Daniel Goleman, who applied its principles to the work environment. We will also examine what emotional intelligence skills you need to succeed in any environment.

Facilitator: Abby Priehs has served as the Director of Residential Life at Cornell since May 2021. Prior to coming to Cornell, Abby worked in housing and residence life for over 20 years at 6 different higher education institutions across the country. Abby has supervised hundreds of staff and strategically managed multi-million-dollar budgets. She is dedicated to the growth and development of college students while on their educational journey and loves to engage with them.

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