Leadership Workshop: Teaching and Advising Neurodivergent Students for Advisors only

by Campus Activities

Open Training/Workshop Awareness Diversity Inclusion Resources Workshop

Mon, Feb 12, 2024

12 PM – 1 PM EST (GMT-5)

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What are characteristics of neurodivergent students? How can you tailor your advising and teaching to support their needs? Why is it valuable for student organizations to be welcoming to neurodivergent members? We will speak about these topics and about neurodiversity in general. Please bring any concerns or situations you've experienced and you want to discuss.

Facilitator: Florencia (Flor) Ardon, Study Skills Lecturer and Neurodivergent Student Support Program Manager at the Learning Strategies Center. Flor leads the Neurodiversity @ Cornell initiative on campus and has advised and taught Cornell students for over eight years. Flor identifies as neurodivergent, and her two children are neurodivergent as well.

Meeting ID: 961 3799 9000
Passcode: 541700

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Co-hosted with: Learning Strategies Center

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