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About Us

Welcome to Cornell and the Balch Hall community! When Balch Hall opened in September 1929, it became the third female residential college at Cornell after Sage College and Risley Hall. Today, more than 90 years later, Balch Hall continues to be a first-year women's residence hall, and houses almost 435 (about a third) of first-year women on campus. Because everyone in our community is a first-year student, a foundation is present for creating a supportive environment where students can succeed and build life-long friendships.

Located right next to the scenic Beebe Lake, Balch Hall is a Victorian style building and is divided into two sides by an arch, a landmark on the Cornell Campus. The sides are called North and South and each side is divided into two units. A unit is basically a cluster of 20-30 rooms, and Units 1 and 2 are on the North Side and Units 3 and 4 are on the South. The building hosts six floors with four units each, except for the sixth floor which only has one unit on each side. There are two laundry rooms, one in the basement of each side. Each unit has a community kitchen with a fridge and microwave for the residents to use. Each unit also has a gorgeous lounge with a piano in and offers both study and social spaces.

As a community, our goals are to build a safe and inclusive living environment for first-year students identifying as women, and create opportunities for them to learn, grow, and lead, in their first year on campus at Cornell. We strive to build a safe space – a diverse, aware, respectful, and judgment-free community. We look forward to all of us being inspired, challenged and flourishing in this empathetic and empowering environment.

Balch Fun Facts

Balch Hall Council

The Hall Council is a resident-led initiative that focuses on advocating for all residents and creating opportunities for different forms of engagement. Check out their page here!

Womyn's Center

Located in the Unit 3 lounge, the Womyn's Center is open Sun-Fri, 8pm-11pm. Residents can borrow board games, DVDs, cooking supplies and more for FREE!

Weekly Tastee Treat

Come take a break every Thursday night at 9:30pm in the Unit 1 Lounge for a sweet or salty (or both) surprise. We often celebrate different cultural holidays at TT as well!

The Tatkon Center

The Tatkon Center is housed within Balch Hall so you are able to grab snacks and coffee/tea at Carol's and head over to a FYS class in one of their classrooms! Learn more.

House Rules

In order to establish a safe and inclusive community, all residence halls abide by the House Rules which provide guidelines for acceptable behavior in our community.

Fellows Engagement

Balch's robust and active Fellows program provides opportunities for engagement with faculty and community members in a relaxed setting. Click here for more info.

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Balch Hall

600 Thurston Ave
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