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Sun, Apr 18, 2021

2 PM – 3 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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5-6pm Thursdays, 2-3pm Saturdays, 3-4pm Sundays

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BRECFST Club, also known as the Best Risley Elite Covid Fighting Squad Team Club, is a group dedicated to learning muay thai, or kickboxing. I am not technically a certified muay thai instructor, but I would love to impart what knowledge and techniques I do have in order to provide you with self defense techniques, cool abilities, and a good workout. I will teach you how to use the punching bag safely, do some pad training, and whatever else I know! We will follow COVID guidelines and halt training if COVID guidelines require that we stop meeting. Max 6 people in the dance studio (including myself) and max 10 people (including myself) if we meet outdoors.


Private Location (rsvp to display)

Private Location (rsvp to display)

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