Resident Advisors

Melanie Goricanec

3rd West Resident Advisor, mlg284

Hello Squidos! My name is Melanie Goricanec. I’m a Junior (class of 2023) Hotelie minoring in Food Science. I grew up in California with my parents, two younger sisters, and lots of cats. This fall is my third semester as a Risley RA and my fifth semester as a Risleyite. I absolutely love Risley, its traditions, and especially the community. You can catch me at my weekly program, MT Dance, or almost any other traditional program as well. My two biggest passions are food and theatre. At Cornell, I am a part of several organizations that reflect these passions: I’m the Executive Chef for HEC, I work in the kitchen at the Statler Hotel, I am on the EBoard for the Shakespeare Troupe, and so much more! I am also part of the New Student Outreach Committee for Cornell Catholic. I absolutely love to bake, but even more, I love to share the food I make for people, so be on the lookout for some free sweet treats from me. Fun fact: In addition to being American, I’m also Canadian and French (but not French Canadian!) and speak both French and some Spanish. I hope to get to know you better as the year goes on, never hesitate to reach out about anything, I love to chat!