Resident Advisors

Melanie Goricanec

3rd West Resident Advisor, mlg284

Hello Squidos! My name is Melanie Goricanec and I’m a Senior Hotelie minoring in Food Science and concentrating in Corporate Food and Beverage Management. I am passionate about recipe development and how culinary science can be used to create the tastiest and most aesthetically pleasing food. Beyond food, I love theater. Theater is what got me interested in hospitality and is the reason I applied to live and be an RA in Risley. This is my fifth semester as an RA and my fourth year living in Risley! I have participated a lot in the community (Rocky, Eat This!, BBBBQ, …) and have been a part of creating some new programs as well (M&M, MT Dance, …). Outside of Risley, I am a part of Cornell Shakespeare, Cornell Catholic, the Food Science club, HEC, and HLDP, the last two being Hotelie based organizations. Last year, I was the Executive Chef for HEC and it was a blast managing all the food aspects of a 200+ person conference. HLDP is the Statler Hotel leadership program, and I’m currently on track to be a manager (Sous Chef) and eventually the student Executive Chef before I graduate. Some final fun facts are: (1) I’m French and can speak French and Spanish (not as fluently as French), (2) I’m from Northern California (South San Jose, specifically), (3) I love to make food and share it with people—it’s one of my favorite things to do! Please, never hesitate to reach out. I became an RA because of the wonderful community Risley has, and that community isn’t possible without you. Feel free to contact me (mlg284) to set up a time to chat or just say hi to me as we pass in the halls.