Daniela Wise-Rojas

4th West Resident Advisor, dnw26

Hi! My name is Daniela Wise-Rojas. I usually go by Daniela, but I also love my nickname, Dani. I grew up in the Bay Area, graduating from Dougherty Valley High (’21) in San Ramon, CA. I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences. My intended major is Government & American Studies Double Major with a Minor in Latino Studies. I’m trying to become a College Scholar, so my major might change. Also trying to become a Cornell Traditions Fellow. Who knows, I’m kinda just waiting to see where my academic pursuits take me.

I lived in Loving House my freshman year and this is my first year in the castle. Last summer, I was a student in the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars program, and this past summer I was an Activity Coordinator for the 22-23 PSSP students, living on Beta in West Campus. I’m also the former manager of Mann Café, leaving that job for this one. I also currently work at the Latino Studies Program on the 4th floor on Rockefeller as a communications intern.

Other things about me:

-I have a scholarship for private lessons, I play the cello.

-I’m on staff at the Cornell Daily Sun on the 140th editorial board as the Assistant Dining Editor.

-I also have my own column that runs every other week called Anything but munDANIties.

-I love coffee

-Please stop by and pet my cat, Mirabel Arepa the Ragdoll whenever. Maybe you might be considered for a pet sitter ;)

-I’m openly out. I’m a neurodivergent biracial queer mixed first-gen Latina.

-Follow me on insta @danielita_cello

-My dog, Lucky, from my home in California is my world. So is my brother Dominic. Miss them.

-Coffee is in my blood; I’m Colombian.

-I love being creative.

-I love hugs and I love helping people.

Knock if you ever need anything. < 3 You’re at Cornell. You’re gonna do amazing things. RBG once walked these halls. Stop to thank yourself for how awesome you are. Don’t forget about you.